What the water gave me

To live in this houseboat community is to feel very much a part of the environment. Here, you can just be yourself and friends are on your doorsteps. It’s a unique and inspiring place with lots of interesting characters. There are singles, couples, families, downshifter, adventurers and people with different kinds of jobs like teachers, journalists, a vicar and even a midwife. There is a strong sense of community because of the wish to preserve what the people of today take for granted: respect for nature, respect for each other, and respect for things that seem to have no function anymore. Hamish’s boat is a perfect work of art made up of all imaginable bits and pieces: shipwrecks, front doors, bus windows, car bodies cut in half – a modern-day Noah’s ark.

He left this note in my diary:

„We are obscenely rich. Why? It stands to reason, we must be obscenely rich because we have never thrown so much away. These boats came here when their working life was over. With our care, they will last as long as we love them. Their beauty lies in their shape and it is the shape that will endure. Boats „R“ us.“

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